Once again, unless you are living under a rock, you heard about the release of iPad.  Unfortunate on the naming decision and lack of research. There have been some that say this will revolutionize the netbook market, the digital print industry and mankind as we know it. Hyperbole aside, I am sure that I will have one and it will make my life in court better.

When I am standing in front of a Judge on a busy calendar, looking through my calendar on my iPhone, it is painful. Solution: iPad. Working on documents in Pages (while waiting my turn on that same busy calendar) is not even an option.  Solution: iPad. Taking notes with clients on a laptop creates a physical barrier. Solution: iPad.  I can think of a dozen other reasons to see this as a great addition to our all Apple office. It isn’t perfect but it is cheaper than the first iPhone and will be much more useful.

I would still love to see Circus Ponies work on iPhone/iPad. I am not quite sure how it would be implemented. I have a Notebook for each client matter and viewing those Notebooks in a cloud solution, without opening Notebook, leaves me looking in a folder of jumbled mess.  I am thinking of taking another pass at Evernote and seeing how that might work. I know Ben over at Mac Lawyer enjoys using Evernote. And Evernote already has an iPhone app (which means it will work on the iPad).

I look forward to sharing with my readers the adventures with this new piece of Mac Hardware and tracking the changes it will bring to our office life.

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