Here is something new to pass along. I have not had a chance to used Trial Pad. If you have, please let us know what you think in the comments. Here is the gently redacted press release:

I know you cover legal technology at Law With an Apple, and I wanted to let you know about an exciting new iPad app for lawyers that just hit the market.

It’s called TrialPad.  Basically, it’s a form of presentation software that displays evidence (or other documents) and allows lawyers to seamlessly cycle between different parts, as well as easily annotate (highlight, sticky notes, etc).  It connects directly from your iPad to the standard projection software available in most courtrooms, enabling lawyers to easily review, annotate, and scroll through digital files directly before the jury.  Think of it like a Powerpoint that’s much easier to annotate before a group and doesn’t require the forced linearity of the presentation.

The app is listed at $89, and provides an excellent alternative to the high priced “courtroom presentation specialists,” especially since it can be used again and again.

Though specifically designed for litigators, it could certainly be useful outside the courtroom to present and review documents before a group.  The app is in the iTunes store now, and you can find more information and watch demo videos at

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